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Local experiences with mining royalties, company and the

2015-2-20 · the sustainability of mining royalties and the role of the modern state and processes in the Solomon Islands mining sector. Mots-clés : relocation, landowners, livelihoods, royalties, mining Local experiences with mining royalties, company and the state in the Solomon Islands …

Sumitomo Metal Mining exits Solomon Islands nickel

2017-8-8 · Japan's Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Ltd. said on Tuesday it will exit from a nickel exploration project in the Solomon Islands because of slumping nickel prices and the loss of a legal dispute over

Gold Ridge Mine

2019-9-30 · Gold Ridge is a mine on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, about 30 km south east of the capital Honiara. The Gold Ridge mine was operated by Ross Mining N.L. and Delta Gold Ltd between 1998 and 2000 but had to be abandoned because of civil unrest. In 2003 it was acquired from the political risk insurers by Australian Solomons Gold.

Solomon Islands mining industry bounces back

Solomon Islands mining industry bounces back Welcome, 1 Feb 2012 by Business Advantage PNG Leave a Comment. While Solomon Islands lies in the mineral-rich Pacific Ring of Fire, its mining sector has yet to mirror the success of Papua New Guinea, the region's minerals powerhouse. But the obstacles are being removed.

Oil spill in the Solomon Islands reveals corrupt mining

The Solomon Islands is a nation made up of hundreds of islands with a population of only 611,343 people. Located in the Pacific region of Oceania to the east of Papua New Guinea and North of Vanuatu, the island nation is located in a remote location and importantly just south of the equator.

Community | Axiom Mining

Solomon Islands . What separates Axiom Mining from other mining companies is our belief to 'build, share and protect'. Our team aims to build a mine that protects landowner's rights and is set up to share benefits with locals with an unprecedented ownership deal.

Chinese firms target $825mn mining infrastructure in

2  · Chinese firms target $825mn mining infrastructure in Solomon Islands. By Daniel Brightmore. Oct 31, 2019, 6:19AM. Chinese companies will build and control power and port facilities, roads, rail and bridges on Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands, as part of an $825mn deal, reports Reuters.

Pacific Bauxite accused of tricking Solomon Islanders …

2017-7-7 · A n Australian mining company is embroiled in a standoff with landowners in the Solomon Islands over allegations it coerced, bullied and tricked communities into signing over prospecting rights to


2015-3-12 · Solomon Islands Gold (SIG) wholly owned by Spear Mining has concessions over Kavahambe, and other areas adjoining it area along the Chovohio River to evaluate the potential of gold. SIG reviewed all the exploration data coupled with numerous field visit to the sites.

Solomon Islands is Unprepared to Manage a Minerals …

2016-3-23 · conclusion that 'even if potential mining invest-ment was to be fully realised, favourable economic outcomes for Solomon Islands are far from assured'. Could a transition to a minerals-based economy build better lives for villagers? Might 'partnerships with …

Axiom Mining Solomon Islands

Axiom Mining Limited ('Axiom' or 'the Company') is pleased to announce that the Minister for Mines on behalf of the Solomon Islands Government has formally granted Axiom's subsidiary, Axiom KB Limited, the Mining Lease over the

Asia Times | Logging ravaging the Solomon Islands' …

2019-5-30 · Clearing an area of its forest can pave the way for mining – the Solomon Islands is known to have significant mineral resources, including gold, silver, bauxite, nickel and lead. Some of the logging operators have reinvented themselves as mining companies and …

Mining in Contemporary Solomon Islands | Request

This chapter analyses the contemporary politics of mining in Solomon Islands, organised around three case studies: Gold Ridge, proposed nickel mining on Isabel and Choiseul, and bauxite mining on

Solomon Islands

2019-10-10 · Solomon Islands is a sovereign state consisting of six major islands and over 900 smaller islands in Oceania lying to the east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu and covering a land area of 28,400 square kilometres (11,000 sq mi). The country's capital, Honiara, is located on the island of Guadalcanal. The country takes its name from


2015-4-15 · been designated by the Government of Solomon Islands and prescribed by Regulation to this Act as infrastructure that:-(a) will benefit a community of the Solomon Islands; and (b) can be constructed by a company holding a mining lease more efficiently than by the government of the Solomon Islands." The principal Act is amended in section 45 -

Impact of mining in the Solomon Islands | Programs

2013-10-17 · Impact of mining in the Solomon Islands . The Solomon islands is at an economic cross roads and Australia is playing a major role. Ten years after the end of …

Can the Solomon Islands' Gold Ridge Mine serve as a …

2017-11-16 · In the Solomon Islands, the government is looking to mining as the next big revenue earner as it faces the challenges of post-conflict economic recovery and the exhaustion of commercial forestry

Solomon Islands stops bauxite mine

THE Solomon Islands Environment Advisory Committee (EAC) has revoked a development consent for a bauxite mine on Wagina Island in a ground-breaking decision following the first-ever merits appeal hearing in Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands Government pushes for controversial …

2017-1-31 · The Solomon Islands Government says it is planning to reopen the gold mine that was sold to local landowners by an Australian miner in 2015 for $100. The only gold mine in Solomon Islands …

Solomon Island Mining

2009-6-26 · Alluvial mining has been practiced in PNG since 1873. Rather than having companies like Pheonix Internation come in to Solomon Islands to do alluvial mining, it may be an idea for the Solomon Islands' government to encourage and strengthen the indigenous Solomon Islander's capacity to do alluvial mining. That way, instead of the indigenous

Impact of mining in the Solomon Islands | Programs

2013-10-17 · The Solomon islands is at an economic cross roads and Australia is playing a major role. Ten years after the end of ethnic tensions, investors are now looking at its mineral riches. Political and

Solomon Islands blocks Axion mining licence

2019-10-25 · Solomon Islands blocks Axion mining licence Mining News, Solomon Islands, Trending News. The Solomon Islands Government has rejected Axiom Mining Ltd's application for an export permit citing the company does not have a Provincia

Find Mining expertise in Solomon Islands

Axiom Mining is one of the major players utilising mineral deposits in Solomon Islands. As part of the West Guadalcanal Project, Axiom Mining has carried out exploration of an area of 485 km² in the west of Guadalcanal Island and has discovered deposits of limestone, breccia, carbonate-base …


Mining has contributed a lot to the economic progress of some of the South Pacific Islands countries. Papua New Guinea has some of the world class mining operations. There are still advanced mining operations in PNG. In the Solomon Islands, the only mining company currently doing mining is the Gold Ridge Mining.

Solomon Islands Government denies links to miners

2019-9-11 · High Land Mining Limited with an expired prospecting license on January 18th 2015 for a tenement on Nendo in Temotu, Grand Peak Solomon Ltd with expired prospecting license for Rendova Island in Western Province and Richmont Mining Limited also with an expired prospecting license dated March 8th for a tenement in Malaita.

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